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Energy Activation is a three-part self-healing method based on Kundalini Yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness techniques. 





Energy activation is a powerful method that can help you unlock your full potential, achieve your goals, and shine your inner light to everyone you meet. This simple but unique technique is based on the idea that everything in the universe is made up of energy, and by tapping into this energy, you can transform your life in incredible ways.

Through Energy Activation, you can learn to harness the power of the universe and use it to manifest your desires. By focusing your intention and directing your energy toward your goals, you can create the life you want and achieve success which is your birthright.

Whether you're looking to improve your health, boost your career, or find love and happiness, Energy Activation can help you get there. All you need to know and understand is already within you. You just need to turn your gaze inward to harness your full potential. Energy Activation is your tool for that. 


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You will get:
  • Eight high-quality instructional Kundalini Yoga videos.
  • Weekly lecture related to the chakra of the week. 
  • Tips for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Writing tasks for self-realization. 
  • Weekly nutritional tips based on chakras.
  • Weekly affirmation to guide you into a deeper understanding of yourself. 
You'll learn:
  • How to strengthen your nervous system with breathing exercises.
  • How to help your body heal from long-term stress. 
  • How to turn a mindset of scarcity into one of opportunity and growth.
  • How to live a balanced life in the constantly changing, unpredictable world.  
With this course, you can:
  • Untie yourself from the memories that are holding you from moving forward in life.
  • Heal your body and mind with breathwork and meditation.
  • Connect with your body and rejuvenate through kundalini yoga and conscious living. 
  • Strengthen your intuition and reconnect with your soul. 

Mervi is an explicit teacher. The saying "say it straight, simple and with a smile", fits perfectly to her.

Anu-Mari Karlsson

Janina Viljanen

Mervi's style of teaching as well as her presence creates secure atmosphere even with deeper themes. I appreciate her gentleness, authenticity and honesty.

Mervi's style of teaching as well as her presence creates secure atmosphere even with deeper themes. I appreciate her gentleness, authenticity and honesty.

Janina Viljanen

Mervi has a lot of experience and knowledge in her field, which she shares with wisdom, kindness and professional attitude.

Anna Magnusson

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Begin Your Journey with Energy Activation

You can start anytime!

The Energy Activation in English is an online course including three important steps on your path to spiritual growth:

  • Shadow work. We let go of what no longer serves us. With breathing techniques we learn a gentle way to clear blockages in the mind and body
  • Expanding consciousness. We explore the energy around and within our physical body. We learn to guide our own energy towards better health and well-being
  • Knowledge of the Heart. We discover the way back home, back to our heart. We guide our mind to follow the heart. Heart is a leader and mind is her helper.  
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Lost knowledge - the message of the ancient peoples to the world 

(Viisas elämä)

Lost knowledge - the message of the ancient peoples to the world transports the reader to the first moments of the birth of civilization. With the help of mythical stories, we dive into the knowledge of different wisdom traditions and explore what lies behind them and how they are all connected. Is it possible that every wisdom tradition originated from the same physical location? At the heart of the stories is a serpent, i.e. snake or Kundalini light. Through mythical stories, the book opens the mystery of Kundalini to the reader.

The heart meditation in the book guides you towards your inner light. We create our existence through our hearts. We are one love, one light, ONE. 

The book was published in the Fall of 2023 and is currently available only in Finnish. 

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AN ONLINE YOGA SCHOOL starting February 1st 2024

Kundaliinijooga Helsinki was founded in 2015. Since then it has been a physical location led by Mervi Enqvist. At the beginning of 2024, the school will go ONLINE, and be available for everyone globally.

Our mission continues to be educating people about the GOLDEN LIGHT that lives within all of us. The light is sometimes called KUNDALINI. It's our creative power, our link to the truth within. It is THE Source Energy.

An 8-week Energy Activation online course - a group course in FINNISH will start in January

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