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8-week program for finding creativity and power within

Is your body stuck? Does change feel scary? Can you let go of things that no longer serve you? 


Chakrapolku® is an 8-week online journey, an exploration into oneself, finding one's own power, creativity, and peace through Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. Over the course of eight weeks, we explore ourselves, learn to find the things that bring us joy, and break energetic ties to what still prevents us from moving forward in our lives. Chakrapolku® is a tool developed by Mervi Enqvist (Inderjit Kaur Khalsa) to address the pressures of our time. It helps achieve and maintain a balance of body, mind, and spirit. 

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What does the online course include?

  • A weekly changing theme. Each chakra has its own week.
  • 8 Kundalini Yoga videos, each lasting about 30-45 minutes. The videos consist of breathing exercises, mantras, physical exercises, meditation, and relaxation.
  • Writing and coloring tasks to support your spiritual growth.
  • A weekly affirmation that helps you internalize the theme of the week.
  • Chakra-specific food recommendations, as well as recipes for each week.


The vagus nerve as a tool

When we learn to understand ourselves through chakras, the vagus nerve acts as both our tool and guide. The body and its symptoms are recorded in the vagus nerve at the point where the symptom manifests. The nervous system's message travels to our consciousness through electrochemical impulses, and we experience it as pain or discomfort in the location from which the message originated. On the Chakrapolku®, we learn to know our own bodies from the inside, by listening to the nervous system's initially small and, if unnoticed, increasingly strong messages in the form of symptoms, we learn to take care of ourselves even before the body has a chance to fall ill. Chakrapolku® guides us to hear the body's internal voices early on and to act in such a way that balance in the body, mind, and spirit is maintained.

The history of Chakrapolku®

The Energy Activation method began with the Chakrapolku® course in 2012. I started with a group of 10 students just to test how the course I developed worked. In 2014, the course was published as a book by Tammi, one of the largest publishing houses in Finland. The book went through several editions, and each edition sold out. The online course was launched in 2015, and this updated version was released a few years ago. Already thousands of people in Finland and abroad have gone through the transformative Chakrapolku® either with me in face-to-face teaching, through my students' teachings, via the online course, or with the book. Now, I also invite you to this experimental journey of change for deeper self-knowledge!

- Mervi Enqvist (Inderjit Kaur Khalsa)

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Who is the online course designed for?

The Chakrapolku® course is designed for anyone who wants to deepen their self-awareness and learn through chakra knowledge to hear the body's initially quiet and later even loud messages. These messages often manifest as physical symptoms and eventually even as illness. If you have no previous experience with yoga, it doesn't matter because the exercises are simple. With the weekly yoga video, you will quickly learn to do the exercises, and at the same time, you will be able to integrate a yoga practice into your daily life.

The benefits of Chakrapolku®: 

  • Helps to get rid of the feeling of fear
  • Increases self-confidence as well as awareness of yourself and your surroundings
  • Teaches to recognize your own boundaries and to stick to them
  • Teaches letting go of things that no longer serve you
  • Improves quality of life and teaches trust
  • Helps to open up the body and mind's blockages
  • Eases back, neck and shoulder pains
  • Deepens body and emotional awareness
  • Increases the feeling of presence and creativity
  • Strengthens the inner voice and teaches to listen to it
  • Teaches to recognize one's own power and to control it
  • Teaches to approach change calmly
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Chakrapolku® is the first but independent part of the Energy Activation method I developed.

We live in a time when each of us needs a tool for maintaining balance. The work begins with understanding ourselves. We are a much broader entity than what we have convinced ourselves of or learned. Chakrapolku® is the first step towards a conscious life that reflects our true selves, filled with joy, peace, and a deep understanding of everything that surrounds us. Chakrapolku® is my gift to you. I hope it helps you find a connection to your core, your soul, and your heart. Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey!

8-week online course

NOW ONLY 37€ UNTIL 5.5. (normally 149€)

  • A weekly changing theme to aid in self-examination
  • Your knowledge of chakras will strengthen, and you'll learn to understand bodily symptoms and their causes
  • You'll learn new breathing techniques and how to care for your nervous system through breathing
  • You'll gain flexibility in your body and mind, and learn to approach change with acceptance

Students' experiences of the course


"The connection to myself and my own breathing has strengthened after the course. Through deep breathing, I find peace and strength. The course also helped me find a good training routine."

"After the course, a whole new kind of spiritual growth and understanding of my own resources and strengths began. The course increased understanding of myself, why certain things have happened, and through that, I have found a new direction. Life started to build more in my own image. Awareness of what I want grew during and after the course. Chakrapolku® helped open my own inner light."

"Chakrapolku® has been an essential element on my path to growing into myself. For me, the course has acted as the first step into power and readiness to face even the difficult sides of life."

"Pains and aches such as joint pain and migraines have significantly decreased."

"My spiritual path opened up during the course. Various burdens began to fall from my shoulders, I began to trust life and found reasons for why I feel the way I do. A remarkable change compared to before."


'"I did the Chakrapolku® course with my husband. We had been close to divorcing eight months earlier, which triggered a major change process in my husband. Right from the first week of the course, difficult issues surfaced; the exercises for the second chakra helped us get over the crisis and start our relationship afresh. The third chakra was difficult for me, but the exercises for the fourth chakra already started to bond us together. After Chakrapolku®, we immediately continued with the next part of Energy Activation course. For us, these courses were the best possible relationship course, and our relationship reached a whole new level. I don't know if we would be together without the Chakrapolku® course?"