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Next Step in Evolution

Nov 06, 2022

"It is the practice of chanting mantra, working with the Sun, obeying the laws of nature, and following the way of the heart that opens the heart." - Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Just recently I came across an ancient information system based on Egyptian wisdom tradition, which truly made me reconsider all the earlier information I've gained about mathematics and evolution theory. I came to understand that our life on Earth might be a continuous spiral through creation and destruction. At this very point we're almost done with one cycle. Only one last step is for us to take and then we'll step into a next cycle. This is not something I came up with, this is based on what Egyptians knew about 6000 years ago. 

It starts from RA, the source of Light, and the Egyptian god of the sun, who gives the information to Thoth whose job is to be the heart and word of RA. With that information he receives, he sets this Earthly cycle in motion. In many wisdom traditions there are stories of the twins, and some evil force that is trying to stop them. In this Egyptian story the twins are Osiris and Isis, and the evil is represented by their little brother Set. Their story ends with the birth of Horus, who is the child of Osiris and Isis. In Egypt Horus becomes the most significant deity of times representing pharaoh in living form. Osiris and Isis are twins and a married couple. In jealousy Set ends up killing and dismembering his big brother's body to gain his crown but Isis, with her strength and power makes Osiris whole again. This same kind of story of female power exists in many wisdom traditions around the world. Also in Finnish Kalevala. 

After Osiris is whole again, our world as we know it is ready to begin. Based on Egyptian mythology the first to exist are chemical elements as Mercury, Sulfur and Salt. They form the first leg (or an altitude) of the right triangle also known from Pythagoras Theorem, representing Osiris, and the soul. When the soul is present, after the Ether has been born, the four main elements are to come next. This is another leg of the right triangle (the base) representing Isis, the female power of creation, also knows as Shakti in the East. First there is fire, then water, air and the last one is Earth. Here we're at the point where Darwin's evolution theory can begin. Horus is the one representing the hypotenuse. First there are minerals, then plants, animals, and the last ones are humans. In this evolution cycle which began from mercury, we are now almost at the last stop of this Earthly cycle of creation. We are returning to the starting point on the very top of the right triangle, but a layer above, because now the triangle is turning into a spiral. The very last stop before the transformation to the next level is Enlightened Ones. 

As we're all water from the same ocean, there is not an individual step we each should take from human to Enlightened Ones, we all need to take that step together. That's why there is such need for spiritual teachers who can help the humanity to take this last step. We're closing this one cycle and entering to the next one. This is mentioned also in many earthly traditions such as Hopi in the North America and Kogi people in the South America. It can take few thousand years more, or it can happen sooner. It is up to us and how we evolve with the Light we all represent. We need to find love to the Earth and Heavens. We need to understand Ek Ong Kar. We're all ONE. That is the key to unlock that last door. 

"The opening of the heart unites us to the spiritual world. As a result we're enlightened through wisdom, guided by truth, and nourished by the flames of love." - Dr. Joseph Michael Levry 


Photo: Adrien Olichon


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